‘The Internet Before The Internet’: How ‘Pop-Up Video’ Changed The Way We Devour Pop Culture

Features Editor
10.28.16 4 Comments


The name should be familiar to you if you’re a ’90s kid who grew up watching MTV and VH1, or even if you’re a little younger and recall its second, more abbreviated run from five years ago or the re-runs on MTV Classic. Pop-Up Video was a little show filled with snark and blink-and-you’ll-miss-them fact bubbles that inexplicably blossomed into an institution that was revered for its wit, humor, and rebelliousness. In the end, the show wound up penetrating the pop culture universe that it had been created to comment on and, twenty years later, its profound impact is still being felt online. How did Pop-Up Video change the world? As the show emphatically proved, the magic can only be truly understood if you look behind-the-scenes and talk to the people that made it all happen.

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