Prince’s Personal Chef Claims He Was ‘Sick A Lot’ But Denies All The Drug Use

prince chef sick a lot
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The circumstances of Prince’s death have garnered the interest of, among countless others, the Drug Enforcement Administration. After all, the late musician was found with pain killers in his possession at the time of his death at Paisely Park. Rumors about a possible drug overdose have flourished since TMZ suggested as much in a report, but according to an interview with his personal chef, that just isn’t the case.

Ray Roberts, who served as Prince’s personal chef for almost three years, told the Associated Press there wasn’t “even a hint” of drug use in what he saw of his former employer. Drugs were “not at all” a part of the singer-songwriter’s daily life, as far as Roberts knew. However, according to what Roberts did admit to the news wire, Prince hadn’t been himself for some time. He was eating less, and he was losing a lot of weight.

“It felt like he wasn’t himself probably the last month or two,” the chef claimed in the interview. “I think he was just struggling with being sick a lot.”

Roberts explained that Prince would feel sick “weeks at a time” during the past few months. More often than not, the suspected culprits were stomach bugs and sore throats, as the musician preferred juices and smoothies to solid foods and other requests he typically made of Roberts’ kitchen. Up until a few months ago, Prince most often ate various salads, soups and other vegetarian meals.

(Via the Associated Press)