Prince Hot Dropped A Surprise Album Like It’s 2015

Well, well. Prince and the internet were never friends until Prince unexpectedly reconsidered his grudge. A few months ago, he took over Instagram by calling his account “Princestagram,” which is something that only Prince could get away with (and not be characterized as an old fart). Last week, he took his goodwill into the stratosphere by uploading his glorious 2008 cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” for the world to enjoy.

Now love is getting real between Prince and the internet, for he has hot dropped his newest album just like Beyoncé would. In the old days, Prince would have followed the old format with months of advance publicity, but no more! Prince is with the cool kiddies now, and he’s followed up HITNRUN Phase One (from September) with what looks to be a worthy addition. Tidal has made HITNRUN Phase Two available to stream for subscribers, but non-subscribers can indulge the old-fashioned way by purchasing here.

Here’s the full listing of HITNRUN Phase Two tracks, which are available for purchase or streaming (depending on whether you’ve shelled out for Tidal, which is doubtful, but no judgment here):

01 Baltimore
02 RocknRoll Love Affair
03 2 Y. 2 D.
04 Look at Me, Look at U
05 Stare
06 Xtraloveable
07 Groovy Potential
08 When She Comes
09 Screwdriver
10 Black Muse
11 Revelation
12 Big City

If you need a little push in Prince’s direction, here’s a video for the “Baltimore” track.

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