MTV Accidentally Added A Fresh Prince Video To Their Prince Music Video Marathon

As the world mourns the sudden passing of music icon Prince, several companies have been paying tribute to the legend by changing their logos to feature the color purple or purple rain, as well as honoring the artist on social media. MTV, who changed their logo from yellow to purple, decided to drop all of their regularly scheduled programming to exclusively air a Prince music video marathon for the remainder of the day, but one video randomly slipped through the cracks–“Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble” by Fresh Prince and D.J. Jazzy Jeff.

At around 2:55 p.m., between the videos for “New Power Generation” and “Controversy,” the faces of another “Prince” and his best friend and DJ appear on screen in front of a colorful, graffiti-laden backdrop. Per usual, many of those on Twitter who were tuning in to the marathon caught the blip.

MTV did not comment, but we’re sure this was just a programming mistake.

The music television network is also airing the iconic “Purple Rain” film between its wall-to-wall blocks of music videos.

Here’s the rest of MTV’s Prince-dedicated programming schedule for Thursday night:

7:10-10 p.m.: “Purple Rain”

10 p.m.-12:30 a.m.: Prince music videos

12:30-3 a.m.: “Purple Rain”

MTV’s sister station VH1 is also planning to pay tribute to Prince throughout the weekend.

(Via Screengrabber/Deadspin)