Prince Left Meticulous Instructions On How To Set Up The Paisley Park Museum

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Saying Prince was meticulous is an understatement that’s on the same level as saying The Purple One “kinda had a thing about sex.” So, it’s probably not surprising that he left very specific instructions on how to set up the Paisley Park museum in the event of his death.

According to Rolling Stone, the soon-to-open “Purple Graceland” is laid out with guidelines handed down from Prince himself.

“We’re seeing e-mails he sent four months before his death that say how he wanted it,” an anonymous source told the magazine. “He wasn’t foreshadowing anything. [But] he always wanted his fans to come here. He left us a big road map.”

When Paisley Park opens to the public on October 6, fans will have access to 12 rooms on the first floor of the compound. The entire house will be laid out like a timeline, with each room representing an era of Prince’s life. Each room will include instruments from the period, outfits, thematic decorations and unreleased concert footage. Prince’s second-floor apartment and the famous vault of unreleased music will be off-limits to visitors.

In addition to that, Prince’s family hopes to keep the recording studios open and eventually re-open the Park’s soundstage and nightclub to host live performances.

“We don’t want the place to be known as something that’s a memory or is dead,” said Prince’s half-brother Omarr Baker. “As long as Paisley Park is kept alive, my brother is kept alive.”

(Via Rolling Stone)