There Was A Serendipitous Prince Tribute Hidden Within The First TD At The Vikings’ New Stadium

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The Minnesota Vikings opened their new stadium Sunday night and, at halftime, paid tribute to Prince, a Minnesota native who died in April. Since NBC decided against showing that tribute, perhaps the Green Bay Packers chose to honor Prince when scoring the first touchdown at U.S. Bank Stadium during the first quarter.

Aaron Rodgers completed a touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson. Prince’s full name is Prince Rogers Nelson.

Prince Rogers Nelson.

Rodgers Nelson.

And Rodgers is a prince among quarterbacks, so this can’t be considered a coincidence.

I mean, it absolutely is a coincidence and the only supernatural force at work here is Rodgers’ ability to scan the field and find an open receiver, but it’s a fun coincidence.

Then again, it’s Rodgers vs. Rogers. It’s like when George Costanza was driving around in John Voight’s car, not Jon Voight’s car, so what are we actually talking about here?

Anyway, if you want a real Prince tribute, here’s a clip of the one NBC didn’t show because Bob Costas wanted to pontificate about Harambe’s impact on our culture or because someone on the panel was mad about anthem kneeling or whatever. Who watches halftime shows?

(SB Nation)