This Story About The Time Prodigy Partied With Lindsay Lohan And Ashlee Simpson Is Everything

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Following the death of the legendary New York MC Prodigy a few days back, fans and friends alike have flooded social media with both tributes and reminiscences about hanging out with the Mobb Deep member, or the times that he impact their lives. 50 Cent’s story about the time Prodigy refused to set him up with the cops is incredible.

About five years back, Prodigy published his autobiography My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy. In it, the rap icon told his own incredible story about the time he hung out with Lindsay Lohan at a swanky club in New York City with only $30 to his name.

As Prodigy remembered, “I got an e-mail that surprised me. It was Lindsay Lohan. She asked if I was in New York and said that I should come to a club in Manhattan later that night called Bungalow 8 where she’d be hanging out with a few of her girlfriends. I hit her back and told her that I’d meet her there.”

The only problem was, he was low on cash because Mobb Deep kept all their money in business accounts. He asked his accountant to make a transfer to his personal account, but there was a delay. “We hopped in my bulletproof Suburban and stopped at the gas station to get gas plus some bread from the ATM. But when I checked my account, I still had zero! Sometimes the money transfers don’t go through until the next day. Damn. I put ten bucks in the bulletproof, enough to get there and back. Now I only had ten bucks and Nyce had twenty. Wow. We were going to an exclusive Manhattan club with thirty bucks to hang out with some million-dollar white chicks.”

Nevertheless they decided to go anyway, but when they got there, they got some static from the bouncers who didn’t recognize them and didn’t see their name on the guest list. Lohan herself had to walk out and bring them back to her area. “Bungalow 8 looked like some tropical-jungle-type shit inside, a predominantly white crowd sprinkled with blacks and Latinos. I’d been there before with Alchemist. Lindsay’s friends were wearing Mardi Gras–looking white masks, drunk and dancing crazily to rap music. Lindsay introduced me to her assistant; we poured drinks and started dancing while Nyce danced with one of the mysterious masked ladies. Another masked lady got behind Nyce and had him in the sandwich—he looked over at me with a Kool-Aid smile. After a handful of songs, Nyce and I walked to the bar so it wouldn’t seem like we were drinking all of Lindsay’s liquor.”

Eventually, a bartender recognized Prodigy and hooked him up with a full bottle of Hennessy for free and he went back to the party. “The ladies poured shots of Hennessy and Nyce started dancing with the same masked female. She lifted her mask to get some air and I saw it was Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson’s younger sister. I told Nyce so he’d know he had a celeb on his hands, then Lindsay pulled me back to her.”

The night finally came to a close a short while later. “After another hour of drinking, dancing, and grinding on each other, we said our good-byes. I don’t know if Nyce got Ashlee’s number but regardless, we had fun that night.”

It shouldn’t have to be said, but I’m gonna say it again. Prodigy was a legend.