Prophets Of Rage’s ‘Unf*ck The World’ Video Is A Righteously Angry Collage By Michael Moore

Prophets Of Rage couldn’t have asked for a more on-brand team-up than tagging Michael Moore to direct the music video for their angry slogan pile “Unf*ck The World.” The music video is all slapped together images of war, news, and archival footage in a way that manages to underline the band’s rage-fueled and angsty vibes.

In between shots of Kendall Jenner’s disastrous Pepsi commercial, meatpacking plants and “what if phones, but too much” imagery, Moore has inserted shots of the supergroup playing their latest single. Like their first music video, it shows just how into this new act a crowd can get. In a statement about the video, the documentary filmmaker seemed excited to work with the group.

“I am thrilled to once again be working with my old friends and comrades in the struggle for a just world,” Moore said. “Prophets Of Rage is the right band, saying the right sh*t, at this very critical moment. This music video is our collective battle cry against those who seek to harm the innocent and the powerless. I am proud to have directed this video and I ask all who see it do their part to unf*ck this world. ALL HANDS ON DECK!”

Prophets Of Rage also announced their self-titled debut album. Check out the tracklist for that below.

1. “Radical Eyes”
2. “Unf*ck the World”
3. “Legalize Me”
4. “Living on the 110″
5. ‘The Counteroffensive”
6. ‘Hail to the Chief”
7. “Take Me Higher”
8. “Strength in Numbers”
9. “Fired a Shot”
10. “Who Owns Who”
11. “Hands Up”
12. “Smashit”