Puddle Of Mudd Band Members Walked Out During A Show After The Latest Meltdown By Their Lead Singer

Things have not been going well recently for the band Puddle of Mudd. Well, in truth, things haven’t been going well for them since the early aughts, when they were a semi-popular band with hits such as “Blurry” and “She Hates Me.” Unfortunately, due to the substance-abuse related issues plaguing lead singer Wes Scantlin, they haven’t even been able to really make a go of it catering to the select few fans they have left. Now, thanks to another meltdown from Scantlin, it appears that Puddle of Mudd may be done for good.

The band managed to sell out a 500-seat venue in England recently, but the show was a total disaster. Scantlin had another freakout, this time causing his band to walk off the show, and, perhaps, to quit the band entirely — though the group finished out their UK dates. Speaking to the Doncaster Free Press, an audience member said, “It was an absolute shambles. He was walking on and off stage and was talking about being high on crack cocaine.”

If this is the end of Puddle of Mudd, as a band, few will mourn the loss. However, the fact that the last straw was apparently yet another drug addled meltdown by Scantlin is unfortunate, of course. Puddle of Mudd may be a joke, but Scantlin’s issues are not.

(Via Death and Taxes)

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