Watch Pup Absolutely Obliterate Their Appearance On ‘The Chris Gethard Show’

Let’s put this simply: Pup is a very great band; The Chris Gethard Show is a very great show, both conceptually and musically. Put the two together and you have something, well, very great. As toilet paper flew and the crowd moshed, Pup ripped through three tracks — The Dream Is Over‘s “DVP” and “My Life Is Over And I Couldn’t Be Happier,” and Pup‘s “Reservoir” — in eight minutes, all of the band members expertly thrashing without missing a beat or a note.

What’s special about musical performances on The Chris Gethard Show is that everyone looks so genuinely happy to be there, including the band, the audience, the cast, and the show’s crew. When the show’s set turns toward the back of the room, the cast and crew join the audience, and the studio turns into a big dance party. It’s truly something special to witness every week before the credits roll, and then again when the full performance is uploaded to Youtube. Check out the video of Pup’s full set above, and be sure to note the 4:48 mark, where guitarist Steve Sladkowski kicks out of the air a roll of toilet paper rocketing at his face.

The Chris Gethard Show is on Thursdays at 11 PM Eastern on TruTV.

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