Pusha T Says He Got Chased By A Fox While Recording In Wyoming With Kanye West

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Depending on who you ask, Pusha T may have bullied Drake into submission during their lyrical tête-à-tête recently, but there’s one thing the brazen Daytona rapper refuses to mess with: Nature. In a new interview with GQ, the braided GOOD Music president described the experience of recording the label’s latest series of releases in the secluded getaway of Wyoming and the furry woodland creature that sent him running.

I’m so curious about the experience of you guys going to Wyoming. What was that like for you?

It had a very rehab type of feel. Secluded, away, super laser focused on the music. Clean living. Disconnected from everybody except those who are about the art. I was just focused on health.

Did anything weird happen?

I was chased by a fox.

What happened?

Being in their habitat, invading their habitat.

Did it get close?

I ran. But it kept coming towards me.

Were you scared?

For sure. I’m not an outdoors person.

It seems there’s at least one challenger that Push doesn’t have a “Story Of Adidon“-style response for. However, he probably won’t have to worry about any returns to the mountain range anytime soon, as the ranch where Kanye held his own album’s listening party has pretty much banned rappers from future events.

Daytona is out now via GOOD Music and Def Jam.