Raekwon Brings His Protege P.U.R.E. On A Covert Special Ops Mission In His ‘M&N’ Video

Just a few weeks after Raekwon dropped one of the best albums released in the entire month of March, The Wild, The Chef is back at it again today, debuting a brand new video for his song “M&N.” The visuals are impressive, finding the Wu-Tang Clan member taking on a covert, special ops mission with his ICE H20 protege, P.U.R.E. The goal of the mission? To take down an individual named Lu Kong of the notorious Spider Clan.

I talked to Raekwon the week before The Wild dropped and asked him about his newest artist. “P.U.R.E. is a charismatic fellow,” he said. “Definitely a great artist.”

“I’ve always been the kind of guy that likes to discover people from the bottom and give them the opportunity to live out they dreams. I’m into lyrics number one, and some people may think it ain’t about lyrics, but for me it is. It shows me that you’re using your mind, and are able to put things together. I just felt like he was dope, and I wanted him on the album. The clever thing we did that was totally different conceptually with “M&N” was to make a rhyme with all “M’s” in it. When you run across an artist like that that’s using their mind in that way, that’s brilliant. I see star power in this kid.”

Watch Raekwon’s “M&N” video above.