Rappers And Cereal Is The Mashup/Breakfast Option We Didn't Know We Needed

I’m not an expert on the rap game by any means, but I am well-versed in both breakfast cereal and random internet mashups, so I still feel confident in giving Rappers and Cereal whatever the Tumblr equivalent to a Source Award is because the work they’re doing is most excellent. It’s a shame they’ve been going at for roughly a year with little recognition that I’ve seen, but it does mean that the archive of puns on well-known breakfast cereals photoshopped into images of hip hop’s finest looking way too serious about their new sponsorship is at optimum levels.

Here’s a sampling of ten of the best versions going. Kanye, Jay-Z, and Tupac memorial fake cereal endorsements all make the cut. Someone please make Rick Rickies a reality like yesterday.

Rappers and Cereal via Tumblr #LOL