Another Report Surfaces Saying That Jay Z And Beyonce Recorded An Album Together

05.23.16 3 years ago

Jay Z Beyonce

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Though we’ve heard it many times before, even more evidence is emerging that Jay Z and Beyonce might have recorded an album together.

Page Six is reporting that the power couple, who have been the subject of endless rumors about their relationship since Beyonce dropped Lemonade, have recorded an album together and that it’ll soon be streaming on Tidal. So it’s a two-fer — a victory for true love and a victory for Tidal. Everything is coming up Hov, it seems.

According to a Page Six source:

“Jay and Beyonce were never going to do an interview to address all the questions that came up after Lemonade. It’s more their style to respond through music.”


It should be noted that Page Six is a notorious gossip rag and that no one from Camp Carter have confirmed or denied the joint album. But it does kind of sound like something Jay Z and Beyonce would do.

Just think about it.

Step 1: Announce Beyonce is performing at the Super Bowl

Step 2: Beyonce drops a new song right before said Super Bowl

Step 3: Step back for a spell, allow rumors and speculation to spread

Step 4: Announce a mysterious HBO special involving Beyonce

Step 5: In the middle of said HBO special, drop Beyonce’s new album, which among other things, alludes to Jay Z cheating on Queen Bey and then tells the story about Bey coming to terms with it and gathering herself amidst the resulting chaos and trauma.

Step 6: Stay quiet after the album’s release, again allowing rumors and speculation to spread

Step 7: Boom, drop a joint album addressing said rumors and speculation

Step 8: Get those fat stacks

So like I said, diabolical. Well, if it’s true, anyway. We’ll see.

(Via Page Six)

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