Rexx Life Raj Teases His New Album With The Introspective ‘Grey Clouds & Raindrops’

Bay Area rapper Rexx Life Raj is preparing the release of his latest full-length project after dropping the California Poppy EP late last year and to build anticipation, he’s released “Grey Clouds & Raindrops,” an introspective single that showcases both his dextrous raps and his magnetic singing vocals.

The sparse, piano-based beat is produced by Elijah Grae and creates a melancholy vibe that lets Raj muse on his musical journey so far while he also finds space to slot in witty references to his large stature and the deceptive nature of fame. Raj should know: Despite being an independent artist for the duration of his career so far, he’s acquired enough buzz to be prominently featured at Rolling Loud festival and pop up on a number of his fellow rappers’ projects, such as Chicago’s Supa Bwe, as well as the soundtrack to NBA 2K20.

His recently released En Route EP also generated some attention, with the video for “Heaven” coming out last week and his COLORS performance of “Time” crossing the 3 million views threshold on Youtube. In short, Rexx Life Raj is blowing up, just in time for his new album to make a big splash. Although the release date has yet to be announced, there’s no doubt it’s coming soon and Raj will be arriving at the top of the game along with it.