Here’s How Rick Ross Feels About Being ‘Banned’ From Walmart

Life Writer
12.21.15 7 Comments

It came out over the weekend that Rick Ross’ Black Market album was pulled from Walmart because of a Donald Trump assassination line on the track “Free Enterprise.” “Assassinate Trump like Zimmerman” was a little too much for the largest gun retailer in the U.S.

Rick Ross isn’t stunting the “ban,” though. The big belly man laughed off having his album yanked in a new clip and said, geographically speaking, he’s Team Target anyway. “They say they banned us at Walmart, but they don’t know I live across the street from the n*gga that owns Target,” revealed Ross, before letting out a hearty laugh.

I’m not here to play investigative reporter and catch Ross, a notorious fibber, in a lie, but Target is a publicly traded company. So, CEO, maybe?

(via DJ Akademiks)

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