Rico Nasty Takes A Desert Day Trip In Her Enigmatic New Video For ‘Magic’

Back in June, hip-hop/pop/punk-rock chameleon Rico Nasty unveiled a swaggering summer track called “Magic,” which now has a brand-new music video. Featuring the Maryland-born performer dancing in a variety of sharp outfits and hairstyles, plus riding a dirt bike, “Magic” kind of looks like if Spice Girls’ “Say You’ll Be There” video met Mad Max. Which is to say, it’s highly stylish and entertaining.

“Obviously, we don’t know what [my genre] is now because it’s only been three years of rapping,” Rico Nasty told Uproxx last year about her immense musical versatility. “It’s because they’re just unfamiliar with it, but 10 years down the line, it’ll be a trail of what this is. It could be punk, it could be a bunch of things. But I say I don’t resonate with those things, because rather than putting me in those things, I would rather people just watch and see what happens. Because I change a lot, so you never know what it could be. Just appreciate it for what it is.”

Rico, who is currently teasing a new mixtape, released her critically acclaimed debut studio album, Nightmare Vacation, last year, telling Vulture: “The whole journey of a Nightmare Vacation is to overcome a series of things that you didn’t think you could and find peace in them. That’s what this whole year [2020] has been like. So many people lost their jobs, lost family members, lost being able to travel, lost things that brought them peace. And for the first couple months, we was all running around here like chickens with their heads cut off, like What are we about to do? What is our purpose? We started paying attention to the things that really mattered to us.”

Watch the video for “Magic” above.

Rico Nasty is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.