Rihanna Is Serving Looks In Real Time On The Live Stream Of Her Fenty Beauty Debut

Last week, Rihanna teased a dazzling palette of fierce and diverse looks for her Fenty Beauty line; now, it’s time to reveal the full array of products.

Accordingly, rather than simply rolling them out, Rihanna is making sure to do so in style, making an event of it, and inviting all her fans to participate via live stream, which you can watch above.

The do-it-all entertainer is making her first foray into cosmetics after a whirlwind year that saw her increase her philanthropic efforts, try her hand at classroom teaching, expand her musical range to include rap, take on more film projects, possibly including an Ava DuVernay-directed buddy comedy with Lupita N’yongo, and breaking the internet — repeatedly — with her stunning looks and devil-may-care attitude toward showing them off.

Oh, and she helped created the summertime juggernaut, “Wild Thoughts.” How she found time to also create a cosmetics line is beyond me, but more power to her.

If she’s as successful in this latest endeavor as all the other ones listed here (and the many, many other ones we don’t even have room to print), expect to see Fenty Beauty dominating the cosmetics aisle by the holiday season, as Rihanna continues to dominate social media, music charts, and our hearts.