Attack Of The Dad Rock Giants! A Coachella-esque Event Featuring Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones And More Is Coming

The Rolling Stones In Concert - Indianapolis, IN
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It’s finally happened. The old fogeys got tired of hogging the top slot at every major festival and just went and made their own. Goldenvoice, the company behind Coachella, is planning to bring together The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney Neil Young, The Who and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters for a three-day festival in California.

The official name of the three-day fest hasn’t been released but here’s a few suggestions: Dadapalooza, LollapaBoomer, All Points Ache, Governor’s A Friend, Shaky Knees (…sh*t). It will take place between October 7 and October 9 in Indio, California.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the festival will start with Dylan and The Stones. Day 2 is all Young and McCartney and The Who and Roger Waters will close out the event. Unlike typical festivals, each performer will perform a full headlining set. According to the people the Times spoke with, no one is speaking publicly about the matter because negotiations are still being finalized.

“If you just look at it at face value, a bill like this doesn’t exist anywhere else on the concert landscape,” Pollstar editor Gary Bongiovanni told the Times, . “There are a lot of festivals, but nothing quite like what’s being planned there. I expect it will resonate nationally — and internationally.”

Of course, this festival is just a response to the mega-boost that old guard headliners have given to festivals in recent years. Reunions from acts like Guns N’ Roses have translated to massive ticket sales for promoters like Goldenvoice, who average 99,000 attendees per day at their two-weekend festival Coachella.