For $18,000, You Can Own The Room Rush Recorded Their Classics In

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Fans of Rush, or Canadians with some cash to throw around looking for a fixer upper, take heed. Noisey reports that Le Studio, the Canadian recording studio known to some (which is to say hyperbolic Rush fans) as Rush’s Abbey Road, is on the market for $18,000.

Le Studio was built in 1975 by sound engineer Andre Perry, and albums by the likes of David Bowie, the Bees Gees, Cat Stevens, and The Police have been recorded here. However, for Rush’s devoted fan base, it’s the place where they recorded seven of their albums, making it one of the most important places in Rush lore. All that being said, Le Studio has seen better days. Most buildings have seen better days, because since it was last sold in 2008, the building has fallen apart. It’s a big mess, far from the magical place where Geddy Lee and company recorded songs like “Tom Sawyer.”

So, if you are a Rush fan who doesn’t want to see Le Studio continue its march toward complete dilapidation, and you have $18,000, you can be a hero to your fellow Rush devotees. Maybe you can screen the movie I Love You, Man or something.

(Via Noisey, h/t AV Club)