People Are Meme-ing The Hell Out Of Russ’ Anti-Drug Shirt And It’s Hilarious

Whether or not you agreed with the message of Russ’ anti-drug T-shirt, it was clear the “What They Want” rapper’s good intentions got muddled in the sternly-worded slogan. Fortunately, social media knows exactly how to handle awkwardly self-serious moments: Make a meme.

When Michael Jordan’s Basketball Hall Of Fame induction speech fluctuated between acerbically dissing his rivals and critics and emotionally choking up over his legacy, the internet gave us the Crying Jordan meme. When folks on Twitter get a little too authoritarian or preachy, they are liable to get hit with the Mocking Spongebob complete with goofy capitalizations to remind them that nobody is above slander online.

So it goes with the slightly pretentious “New To Me” rapper, whose shirt, with white print on a black background reading, “How much Xans and Lean do you have to do before you realize you’re a f*cking loser,” (interpreted by some as a shot at Lil Pump, whose single “D Rose” is basically a junkie anthem) became an easy target for Photoshopped equipped hooligans and witty 140-character pranksters to let a little of the hot air out of his puffed-up presentation.

Russ himself seems to have been a good sport about it, tossing an “lol” at the end of his disbelieving “Y’all really edited my shirt?” but he may have to have a little extra patience for the next month or so, which is usually about how long it takes the collective Twittersphere to get bored with a meme and move onto a new quarry for its never-ending supply of jokes, edits, and sick burns.

Check out some of our favorites below: