Ryan Adams Continues His Streak Of Excellent Covers With A Springsteen Classic

It’s a shame that Ryan Adams’ original material is so good. Because if it weren’t then he could devote himself to things like his 1989 project and this take on Bruce Springteen’s “Streets of Philadephia” full-time. There’s definitely a bar in Jacksonville, NC is missing out on one hell of a covers artist is all we’re saying.

Adams performed the track for BBC Radio 6’s 1994 Day — because things released in that jam-packed slice of the calendar are a nice, round 23 years old this year — and he does a charateristically excellent job with it. If the B Street Band needs someone to sit in when they play the inauguration of a Boss-approved president, Adams would be right at home. Give it a listen up top.

Ryan Adams new album Prisoner is out now, and it’s made big fans of both our own Steven Hyden and other artists like Hiss Golden Messenger. The latter pegged Adams’ new album as a work about survival and said he found a little bit of himself in the singer’s constant struggle to live.

“Time is callous, I guess, but there are so many ways to survive,” he wrote. “And Ryan Adams seems like a survivor. It’s something that we share.”

However, if you’re not ready to grapple with something that heavy, there’s always his great cover of “Karma Police” waiting for you.