Ryan Pollie’s ‘Aim Slow’ Video Is A Delicate Ode To The Maddening Realities Of Being Human

Ryan Pollie’s Los Angeles-based indie rock project, playfully named Los Angeles Police Department, has offered up a couple of well-received if underheard projects over the last several years. But for his next album, Pollie has opted to shed the moniker and release music under his own name. The move comes at a pivotal time in his life, following a recent cancer diagnosis and treatment that put every aspect of his future into question. “I just wrote a record about mortality and whether or not I believe in anything, and then I’m faced with the biggest challenge of my life,” he said in a statement.

Our first taste of this upcoming effort, self-titled and due on May 17 from Anti- Records, is “Aim Slow,” whose central line of “my god’s insane” juxtaposes the cruel realities of being human. In the video, we see Pollie both as a child and in his chemotherapy treatments, with birth, life, and death all tumbling together like a maddening roll of a three-sided dice. Judging by the new songs he’s been playing live, the new album includes nods to ’70s country and AM radio songwriting, with this being a good transitional offering that nods both to his past and his future.

Check out Ryan Pollie’s “Aim Slow” video above, and look for his new album in a couple months.