Next Big Thing: Why Ryn Weaver Will Dominate Pop Charts, And Your Radio, This Year

In Next Big Thing, we give you a snapshot of an artist we think will be… well, you get it.


Two things about music and the internet are no secrets: It’s easier than ever to create and share your music with the world (meaning it’s also easier than ever for the world to discover your music en masse), and it’s easier than ever to garner haters. Ryn Weaver knows both all too well.

A year ago, no one knew who Weaver was. Then a single with the backing of some heavyweights — “OctaHate,” co-produced by Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos, Benny Blanco, Charli XCX and Cashmere Cat — dropped from the sky. Instantly, the anonymous SoundClouder was doing radio promo, playing Coachella, showing up on David Letterman. And the trolls noticed, mocking Weaver for what they claim was a disingenuous rise. (Endearingly, at least to me, she’s the type to jump into a comments section to smack those trolls down.) (If you happen to be reading this, Ryn, hi!)

Eleven months later, we have a video for new single “The Fool.” It’s the title track of her full-length debut, which will be out June 16. Watch it above. It begins as slightly surreal fantasy, and evolves into full-blown bizarre odyssey. And it’s wonderful, just like the song.

But even if door-busting, shimmering, irresistible pop anthems aren’t your thing, it’s not hard to see why Weaver is poised to see her star take a bigger leap this year. She emerged from obscurity with an innate talent for hit-making that takes lesser singers longer to master. As evidenced by that Letterman performance, her talent is real, and that voice has some bite.

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Random Fact: She has Tinder to thank for putting her in position to land a record deal. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

What We’ve Heard So Far: Aside from “The Fool,” her Promises EP bats 1.000 in windows-down, singalong jams.

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