Saba Announces His Third Album, ‘Few Good Things,’ And Confirms It’s ‘Coming Soon’

Saba has been involved in some quality projects over his career, including his first two albums, 2016’s Bucket List Project and 2018’s Care For Me. He also spearheaded Pivot Gang’s 2019 compilation You Can’t Sit With Us. However, for the past couple of years, Saba’s releases have been scarce, having delivered just a few singles since his last album. Thankfully, that’s about to change. On Wednesday he officially announced his third album, Few Good Things, is “coming soon,” and he showed his gratitude to his supporters in a string of tweets.

“Thank you to everyone who waited,” he wrote. “I can’t believe I’m writing this right now but i’m ready. With everything going on, it gets hard to take your time. It’s something I find valuable in my own art. But y’all have grown with me through years of this sh*t now. And I’m extremely grateful.”

He added, “I’ve both lost so much and gained so much since the last go round. These last few years have been eternities for me. This next one is special to me. If you’ve ever been a supporter of me and Pivot in anyway, RT my next tweet.” In the following next post, Saba announced the album and promised a new single would arrive on Thursday.

This comes after Pivot Gang producer Squeak was shot and killed back in August. Squeak produced a number of songs for Saba and other Pivot Gang members prior to his tragic death.