Watch Selena Gomez Do Her Best Taylor Swift, A$AP Rocky, And Shakira Impressions

Selena Gomez appeared on iHeartRadio’s “Interview From A Hat” series to promote her new single, “Good For You,” featuring A$AP Rocky. The interview’s hat gimmick (hosted by Paul Costabile) is a mere illusion, for the questions come straight from Twitter.

The most notable part of this interview involves Selena performing impressions of various artists with varying degrees of success. The Shakira impression starts out decent and turns into a Cher imitation. As for the A$AP Rocky impression, let’s just say Selena won’t be recording a rap album anytime soon. It feels so wrong to hear her baby face spit, “Just met a bad b*tch without the ass-shots” into an imaginary mic.

Now, the Taylor Swift impression is dead on. Selena pulls off Taylor better than Taylor pulls off Taylor. Let’s do a little instant replay, shall we?

(via iHeartRadio)