Shamir’s Golden New Song ‘Tryna Survive’ Soundtracks A Short Film For Ray-Ban

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Some people are just really good at making pop music, so much so that it feels like a gift embedded in their DNA. Shamir is one of those cats, and he and his band make music that just makes you feel good about life. Sure, life often sucks but we have music to uplift us during those times, right? His latest joint, “Tryna Survive” is a testament to that. In fact, it’s so “feel-good,” Ray-Ban is using it to soundtrack their short film, which is above.

The short film, Sheep Plays Wolf, which stars Shamir and his band the Walrus Whiskers, follows a kid donning his shades and strutting down the street with a bit of a strut in his step. The idea of being a sheep in wolf’s clothing fits perfectly for how I feel when I put on my shades, because they have a way of hiding your emotion from the rest of the world and putting on a veneer of cool, calm, and collected that doesn’t always exist. And the video is a bait and switch too — at first it seems like this kid is a troublemaker, but further inspection reveals that he’s the one fixing problems right and left.

Before we finish let’s get back to the song though — the vocals perfectly punctuate the vulnerability, and we need to give a round of applause to those The Walrus Whiskers. They play so fine, don’t you agree? Summer may be coming to an end but they manage to capture the feel of California in June and it’s a perfect complement to Shamir’s voice and lyrics. Something dope happens when the right artist is over the right beat. It’s a weird alchemy to explain but you know it when you hear it and “Tryna Survive” is a quintessential example of it.