Shirley Temple’s Daughter Was In Kurt Cobain’s Favorite Sludge-Metal Band

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02.12.14 2 Comments

R.I.P. Shirley Temple. You’ll always be the “celebrity I’m most surprised is still alive” to me. She left behind quite the legacy, though, including dozens of movies, hundreds of infomercials of pseudo-celebrities selling said movies, and an awesome daughter, Lori Black, who from 1987-1991 was the bassist for Melvins, who are to sludge-metal as Black Sabbath is to normal metal. Via Dangerous Minds:

She played on three Melvins albums: Ozma, Bullhead, and Houdini, as well as the Eggnog EP. According to Metal Sucks, she went by “Lorax” Black during that time and was probably dating [Sideshow Bob-haired singer and lead guitarist] Buzz Osbourne. (Via)

Here’s Lori and her mom posing with a slightly more famous band:

Via Dangerous Minds

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