Sia And Diplo Sync Up To Produce The Latest Summer Anthem For ‘The Neon Demon’

Though the individual styles of this musical duo are somewhat Yin and Yang, they’ve come together to produce an anthem that will have you belting at the top of your lungs as you sing along.

We have famed director Nicolas Winding Refn to thank for the mellifluous union of these two artists as their collaboration entitled “Waving Goodbye” will be featured on the soundtrack of his latest film.

Most widely known for directing the movie Drive, Refn’s newest project, The Neon Demon (reviewed here), is a dark thriller about murderous fashion models that premiered in theaters last Friday, earning only $775 per screen, unfortunately.

However, this isn’t the only film currently out in which the “Cheap Thrills” singer lends her voice. Depending on which genre you’re more keen to, Sia’s musical stylings can also be found on the soundtrack of Disney’s current box office sensation, Finding Dory.

(Via SPIN)