‘The Simpsons’ Has Finally Inspired An Entire Music Genre

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“I used to be with It, until they changed what It was. Now what I am with isn’t It and what is It seems weird and scary to me. It’ll happen to you!”

No matter how much time you spend trying to keep up with trends and memes and what the kids are up to on the Internet, you’re inevitably going to fall behind at some point. For instance, have you heard of vaporwave? I have not, because I checked out of any music genre that ends with -wave around the time chillwave was briefly a thing. Apparently, vaporwave is “a musical genre inspired by electronic dance music (EDM), New Age music, and the indie dance genres chillwave and seapunk.” You, person who’s with It, already knew that, though. But are you aware of Simpsonwave?

It’s basically vaporwave (think glitches and echoes and ambient nostalgia and chill summertime vibes, perfect for when your butt’s in the breeze), but with lightly synced Simpsons clips and VHS-style graphics.

Simpsonwave took off in October 2015, when a Vine user played HOME’s “Resonance” over a scene from the classic episode, “Bart on the Road” (I didn’t think HOME was going to play “Resonance” and then, BAM, second encore). Since then, there have been dozens of follow-up videos, including “C O O L K I D S 1 9 9 6,” which has been watched over 215,000 times.

Sweet merciful crap, that’s a lot of views.

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