Slayer Responds To One Fan’s Attempt To Sell His ’97 Ford Escort For Concert Tickets

Earlier this week, a Slayer fan named Jake Klarkowski starred in the above video, which might be the best non-famous person parody of those ridiculous Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ads to date. In it, Jake ponders the value of the most important things in life, and in his case they would be tickets to the November 14 Slayer show at The Forum in Inglewood, California. In fact, seeing Slayer is so important to him that he decided to sell his 1997 Ford Escort so he can purchase the tickets, and in order to really get the word out there, he made this perfect Lincoln ad parody. It’s… almost too perfect.

The video was posted to the YouTube account of merit/andrew, an advertising and branded content company that prides itself a “full-service production and motion graphics company” on its official website. Translation: Jake’s company knows exactly what it takes to make a great viral video that will get people talking. In fact, enough people talked about it that the video eventually made its way to the phone of Slayer’s Tom Araya, who made this delightful response video.

“You’re gonna sell your car for some Slayer tickets,” Araya asks in this video on the band’s official YouTube page. “The car’s a piece of shit. Tell you what, we’ll give you the tickets.” Sure, other Slayer fans and Internet cynics in general are bound to be upset that this video was created by an advertising company (just read the comments on Jake’s video, if you dare), and Slayer still offered the fan free tickets for his effort. But you can’t blame a guy for using what resources he has available to make the best used car ad we’ll see this year. You can only hate Jake if it turns out that he’s really a huge Taylor Swift fan and his knuckle tattoos read “Long Live.”