Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Is So Mad About Donald Trump That He’s Moving Out Of The Country

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Telling Donald Trump to stuff sackfuls of genitalia into his gullet is fast becoming a hobby of artists, actors, musicians, and celebrities of all stripes. These are people who make things up for a living and they can’t imagine an America where Donald is our next president. But against that backdrop, Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor stands out. He’s threatening to leave the country if Trump is elected.

During an interview with Lazer 103.3 (easily the most “Iowa alt-rock station” name of all time), a radio host mentioned that Trump might be the direction America is moving in.

“It ain’t the direction I’m moving. I’m moving. I’m emigrating…I don’t know… I’ll figure it out. England’s too expensive. That was my first thought. ‘Cause I’ve actually priced out real estate there. England’s way too expensive. So I might end up in Guam or something. I’ll just build a hut. Belize. There are tons of islands in Belize that you can buy. I actually looked this up, because, for, like, five seconds, I was, like, ‘I’m gonna buy an island. Screw these people.’ And there are Caribbean islands for sale [via a dedicated web site]. I don’t even know if this still exists anymore, but I could have bought a half-natural for, like, five hundred thousand US dollars, by the way. Unfortunately, I would have had to build a hut there, because there was nothing there.”

Taylor also bashed Trump as the worst possible outcome for his home country.

“Everybody’s B.S.ed themselves into thinking that, ‘Oh, the worst of it’s in the future,'” Taylor told the station’s host. “No. We’re living it. You know, like, oh God. It sucks. The fact that Donald Trump is a real candidate for the presidency of the United States of f*cking America. Are you kidding me? Okay. At this point, let’s just nominate Emo Philips too. Philips, Pauly Shore…. 2020.”

Even with all this objection in the air, the Republican Party’s front-runner/flaming, racist Id doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Wednesday night’s Republican debate only increased his share in the polls.

(Via NME)