You No Longer Have To Wait (And Bleed) To Dress As Slipknot For Halloween

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Yup, you read correctly — you can totally dress up as your favorite member of Slipknot for Halloween. Nine masks are now available on the band’s website for anywhere between $32 and $60 (throw in an additional $50 and you’ve got yourself a costume to look exactly like Chris, Craig, Mick or Jim).

The only minus? The masks come from .5: The Gray Chapter-era Slipknot. So there’s no chance of rocking the Vol. 3-era mask Corey Taylor had, or the Iowa-era mask Shawn Crahan had (seriously, that one was pretty scary). Still, you’ll probably win any Halloween costume contest you participate in if you’re rocking any one of these masks. Just don’t destroy your friend’s place all “Duality” style if you lose.