The Singer Of Smash Mouth Had A Meltdown Because Someone Threw Bread At Him

Smash Mouth headlined the Taste of Fort Collins music festival this weekend along with Atlas Genius, where things took a turn for the worse during an encore performance of “All-Star” when the crowd started throwing bread at the stage. The bread was apparently being handed out in loaves for free at a vendor booth at the festival.

Now, of all the things a crowd could throw, bread is probably up there with pillows or feathers as the least harmful to a band. But that didn’t stop Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell from having a category five, epic rock-star-diva meltdown, getting off the stage and threatening the crowd, telling concertgoers that he was going to “beat the f*cking sh*t out of them” and calling them “p*ssy b*tches” at the family event.

This Redditor was on hand to witness the incident:

Yesterday, while Atlas Genius was playing, someone tossed a loaf of bread in the air, which resulted in the entire crowd tossing slices of bread around for the duration of the set. Atlas Genius made some punny jokes about gluten intolerance, but the lead singer of Smash Mouth had a crumby attitude.

Meanwhile, Twitter is of course having the most fun ever with the incident:

Gluten truthers, man. Those people do not screw around.