Snoop Dogg Agrees That Ice Cube Has The Best Diss Track Ever: ‘Nothing Comes Close’

Recently, Ice Cube declared that one of his songs is the best diss track ever, and while that’s a big claim to make, it turns out that Snoop Dogg agrees.

In an interview on the Earn Your Leisure podcast, Cube and the hosts discussed his top diss tracks. When it was said that Cube’s “No Vaseline” is “one of” the best ever, Cube interjected, “…the top,” adding, “And it’s not even close.” He went off to list some other good ones, saying, “I mean, I would go with, you know, ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ [by Tupac] is a good one. ‘Ether’ [by Nas] is dope. I would go with ‘The Bridge Is Over’ [by Boogie Down Productions], and I don’t know, I think I gotta go with ‘Let’s Go’ [Kool Moe Dee].”

Snoop later agreed, commenting on the video, “Hands down he does. Nothing comes close.”

“No Vaseline” sees Cube going after his former group NWA and their manager, Jerry Heller. Lyrics include, “The N****s With Attitudes? Who you foolin’? / Y’all n****s just phony / I put that on my mama and my dead homies.”

Cube said back in 2021, “[NWA] came with another couple of little disses. So I said, ‘OK man, I’m tired of this. I’m going to end this real quick. We gon’ set it all the way off.’ So that’s when I wrote ‘No Vaseline’ and recorded it. I put it on that ‘Cinderfella’ track, that Dana Dane track… we flipped it, and it became a smash.”