Snoop Dogg’s Desire To Own The Ottawa Senators ‘Ain’t No Joke,’ And He Explained Why

Earlier this week, The Athletic reported that Snoop Dogg had joined Neko Sparks’ group bidding for ownership of the Ottawa Senators of the NHL, and Snoop’s group happens to be bidding against a group spearheaded by Ryan Reynolds.

This morning, May 4, The Athletic spoke with Snoop Dogg about the validity of his involvement.

“This ain’t no joke or no gimmick — or an image or likeness play. This is a real ownership play,” he told reporter Ian Mendes. “And Snoop will put his foot in the town.” (You know it’s serious when someone busts out third-person.)

Snoop added:

“I want Ottawa because Ottawa wants me. It’s a thriving city. The team is going to make a U-turn once we get ownership. The players are inspired. The community is inspired. I felt like this is what Ottawa needs. […]

“I love the city. Every time I’ve come through the city, they’ve rolled out the red carpet for me. The fans, the city. Everyone. It’s been nothing but love. When you go around the world as much as I have, there are certain places that stick out in your heart. Everywhere I go in Canada, it’s always been love, but there’s something about Ottawa. And the opportunity for the team to be bought? It’s impeccable timing right now.”

He described his potential role in ownership as “a community activist,” and Senators fans or Ottawa residents at large could expect to “become family.”

Per The Athletic‘s initial reporting on May 1, the Senators are expected to draw a sale “eclipsing $1 billion, although it is unclear how much of a financial stake Snoop has put into the group.”

Snoop made the emotional stakes clear while appearing on Tuesday’s (May 2) episode of First Take on ESPN. Watch clips below.