Snoop Dogg Is Reinventing Himself As A Reggae Artist Named ‘Snoop Lion’

07.31.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

Apparently Snoop Dogg, prior to getting himself banned from Norway, went to Jamaica, smoked some real sh*t down there, and had a transformative experience — so much so that he’s now reinventing himself as a reggae artist named “Snoop Lion.”

Yes, according to the New York Times, Snoop experienced “a spiritual and artistic rebirth” while making an album in Jamaica, leading him to “shed the name and persona of Snoop Dogg.” Oh, yeah, and he was “rechristened Snoop Lion by Rastafarian priests.”

Snoop made the announcement at a press conference last night.

Wearing a Rasta knit cap, sunglasses and a Kobe Bryant jersey, Snoop held forth about positivity, good vibrations and being “called by the spirit” to begin singing Reggae. Now that he had reached the midpoint of his life – he turned 40 last year– he said he wanted to renounce violence and write in the Reggae genre, which he called “music of love.” The new songs, he said, might give him “a chance to perform for kids and grandkids,” something he felt his work as a rapper would not let him do.

Additionally, there’s a documentary coming about Snoop’s life/career change, one described thusly…

The documentary follows Snoop Dogg as he journeys to Jamaica to record an album with Diplo. While there, Snoop finds himself embraced by the Jamaican people, is positively impacted by Rastafarian culture, and becomes reincarnated as Snoop Lion.

Here’s the trailer for it…

I’m calling bullsh*t.

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