Snoop Dogg Details Dr. Dre Flying Jay-Z Out To Write The Entirety Of ‘Still D.R.E.’

Verzuz‘s livestream “battles” have served as the core of hip-hop entertainment for the last two months, and on top of letting rappers face of against each other, they’ve also given them an excuse to look back on their careers. After his battle with DMX, Snoop Dogg sat down with the folks at The Breakfast Club to share another gem from his lengthy career.

After being asked whether he preferred to write his songs himself or to have others do it for him, Snoop shared a surprising tidbit from one of his classic records. He said he and Dr. Dre spent days struggling to write the song. Finally Dre flew someone in from New York to the Los Angeles studio. It only took this guest 30 minutes to write the song, which Snoop deemed “flawless.” And that person? No less than Jay-Z.

Jay-Z was credited for his work on the song, but to the surprise of The Breakfast Club hosts, they were unaware that he actually wrote it all. Snoop then said that Jay-Z’s ability to pen a west coast hit as an east coast act came from his love of Dr. Dre.

“Jay-Z is a great writer to begin with for himself, so imagine him striking it for someone he truly loves and appreciates,” Snoop said. “He loves Dr. Dre and that’s what his pen showed you, that I can’t write for you if I don’t love you.”

You can see a clip from Snoop’s interview with The Breakfast Club in the tweet above.