St. Vincent’s Wild Performance Of ‘Los Ageless’ On ‘Ellen’ Got The Host To Sing Along

Deputy Music Editor

St. Vincent’s fifth full-length album, MASSEDUCTION, is now well out in the world, and it’s now the portion of its release where the artist promotes the heck out of it. But for St. Vincent, this hardly means traditional performances through the expected avenues. If we know anything about St. Vincent, it’s that she is always going to keep things interesting.

Take her performance on Ellen today. It wouldn’t have been that unusual for an artist to play it safe for daytime television, knowing that the core audience could be more mature than an average fan. But St. Vincent kept things weird and cerebral, bringing along four dancers to perform interpretive moves all while wearing balaclavas over their faces. It’s a performance not catered towards its suspected audience, but a case of St. Vincent presenting what makes her great, and trusting that music fans of any sort will dig it.

But while St. Vincent put on a spectacle on stage, perhaps the best shot comes from off stage. Near the end of the performance, the camera switches to showing Ellen DeGeneres standing to the side of the stage, singing along to every word while she watches.

Check out the performance above, and find out more about the colossal work that MASSEDUCTION is in our The Rx-receiving review.

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