Steve Lacy Rightly Smashed A Fan’s Camera After It Was Thrown At Him During His Set

Steve Lacy is no overnight sensation, but he has been experiencing a greater level of success than ever before thanks to his new album, Gemini Rights, and its surprise hit single “Bad Habits.” You’d think that’d be a good thing — and it is — but with the increased attention comes increased aggravation, as well. Lacy, who’s currently on his Give You The World Tour supporting the album, ended a recent show early after fans repeatedly threw objects on the stage, even after he asked them to stop — something artists like Baby Keem have been having trouble with all year.

He taught one fan an important lesson personally, though. After pleading with the audience to stop throwing things on the stage, someone in the crowd thought it’d be funny to immediately pelt him with a disposable camera. Perhaps, in their exuberance they thought they’d get a cool photo from on the stage. After all, Lacy’s audience generally trends pretty young. It’s possible it was that fan’s first show ever, and they really haven’t been taught the etiquette of front row behavior yet. However, there’s really no excuse for chucking anything at another person, performer or no.

Steve impressed this on the fan by asking for the camera back after it hit him and bounced back into the crowd. The fans obliged, only for Lacy to immediately (and rightly) throw the camera at the ground with all his might, completely smashing it before walking off the stage.

Look, I’m with Steve on this one: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. This behavior is totally unacceptable, just like crashing the stage. It’s a risk to the artist, who could trip over a fallen object or get hit in the face, it’s a distraction during the performance, and it’s inconsiderate to other fans should the artist decide (again, rightly) to pack it up and leave rather than be treated like a monkey in a zoo (also, do not throw things at monkeys in zoos. Just don’t throw things at all, kids.). Sometimes, it’s also gross. Besides, a disposable camera is 25 bucks; not the most expensive lesson but costly enough that no one will be willing to just throw that money away.