ASAP Rocky Was Grossed Out After A Fan Threw Their ‘Sweaty’ Boxer Briefs On Stage At Rolling Loud

ASAP Rocky is used to having bras and panties thrown onstage by female fans during her performances. He’s not open to every type of undergarment making its way into his performance space, though, as he proved at Rolling Loud Los Angeles this past weekend.

During his set, he discover a pair of men’s boxer briefs on stage, and he was not overly pleased. Picking them up and holding them in the air for all to see, he said, “I don’t know which one of you motherf*ckers threw this up here. Y’all n****s don’t be throwing no f*ckin’ boxer briefs up here. I only want panties and bras, n****. Y’all n****s is out of line. Whose sweaty-ass… nasty n****, man. Somebody in commando right now. Why the f*ck you threw your drawers on stage, you f*ckin’ maniac?”

Aside from this underwear incident, recent days have been eventful for ASAP Rocky. He recently returned to Sweden for the first time since he was arrested there, and gave away free concert tickets to fans from the “slums.” Once he got on stage, he decided to rap while inside a cage.

Watch Rocky deal with some underwear above.