Baby Keem Returned A Fan’s Phone After They Lost It At His Concert And Added A Video To Troll Them

One of the absolute worst things that can happen to you on a night out is losing your phone. Especially somewhere crowded like a concert, your hopes for getting it back fall dramatically from “very low” to “practically nil.” But sometimes, some nice stranger actually does the nice thing and helps your phone find its way back to you. For one fan at a recent Baby Keem show, though, the person who returned their phone happened to be the artist they went to see.

The fan posted a video on TikTok explaining, “I lost my phone at a Baby Keem concert and found these on it months later.” “These” turned out to be a series of videos apparently recorded by Keem himself. Mushing his face right up into the camera while standing backstage, the Vegas rapper taunts, “Why the f*ck you throw your phone on the homie’s stage? Now your phone mine. Yeah, n***. Now your phone is mine.” Keem keeps the troll going in another video, asking, “How was you planning to get home, my n****? Why you throw your phone on the stage, bro? Stop throwing stuff on the stage, bro. Now you can’t get home ’cause I got your phone.”

In a third video, he admonishes the alleged phone tosser again, saying, “CJ, n****, you played, bro. Them n****s down there listening to [Chief Keef’s] ‘Faneto’ and you don’t have your phone to experience it, n****. I’ma give your sh*t back, and when you see this bro, don’t ever do this sh*t again, alright? That was really dumb.” True to his word, he somehow got the phone back to CJ, who in the caption of the TikTok refuted Keem’s accusation about throwing the phone onstage. “And no I did NOT throw my own phone up there,” the user wrote.

Either way, now they’ve got a fun story and a viral TikTok out of the situation, so win-win for everybody, right? But, because it probably bears repeating, please don’t throw things on stage at shows — especially not your phones. You might not get them back.

You can catch Baby Keem on tour with his big cousin Kendrick Lamar on the Big Steppers Tour.