Watch Sting Cover Two Tracks From David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ In Moving Tribute

Celebrating David Bowie landed in Los Angeles on January 24. The traveling tribute concert to the late singer managed to snag quite a few names for the West Coast stop, with Gavin Rossdale, Corey Taylor and Perry Farrell all taking the time to perform. However, the highlight of the evening seemed to be Sting performing two songs not from Bowie’s expansive back-catalog, but his self send-off Blackstar.

The former Police frontman and recently revived solo act covered “Lazarus” and “Blackstar” from the rock album of the year contender. Take a look at “Blackstar” up top and “Lazarus” down below.

It’s not the first time that Sting has paid homage to the much-loved musician who passed just over a year ago. Sting’s recent song “50,000” is both a tribute to the many fallen celebrities of 2016 and a critique of the fact that we grant these singers superhuman status until we’re forced to confront the fact that they are mortal.

“50,000 hands are raised to a man that’s just like you and me, we create the gods we can and gift them immortality,” he sang. “Still believing that old lie, the one that your own face betrays, rock stars don’t ever die, they only fade away.”