Take A Moment To Enjoy The Horribleness Of Andy Roddick’s Jay Z Impression

There’s probably a better reason to follow Brooklyn Decker on Instagram, but my favorite is her continued emasculation of both her dogs and husband, former tennis star Andy Roddick.

Emasculating the dogs is easy. You just dress them like Legend of Zelda characters. Emasculating Roddick is a little more complex, so you’ve got to find out what his worst celebrity impression is, film him doing it and share it. In Andy’s case, his worst impression — Jesus, I hope this is his worst impression — is of Jay Z, who sorta comes out sounding like Eugene Levy in A Mighty Wind.

Ask him to do Crocodile Dundee, it’ll come out sounding exactly like Nas.

A relevant reminder of who put him up to this:

(Yeah, I’d do it too.)