Tanlines Previewed Their New Album ‘Highlights’ On A Conference Call

A band like indie pop duo like Tanlines know that to get some traction with a release these days, you can’t just pick a date and hope for the best. Lucky for them, they’re some of the funniest dudes in music, so when they change their website to be a functioning Netflix clone, it’s amazing. In anticipation of their forthcoming sophomore album, Highlights, the band acted as a corporation and invited fans to call in to their Tanlines Conference Call to preview the new album.

Like a real frustrating conference call (only funny in this case), the band played their new album in full for the audience of “shareholders” while cutting in to speak with members of their team. The band first took a call with “publicist” Janessa Slater, also known as Vanessa Bayer’s character from Sound Advice, who suggested they place their album Highlights in pediatricians’ offices.

Along with fake people, real members of Tanlines’ team were on the call, like their producer Patrick Ford, who said the quality of listening to an album over the phone compared about the same to Tidal. The band also took questions via Twitter, like, “How much ska will be on the album?” (there was zero) and, “How much could the album help their corporations’ revenue and earnings?” (“The numbers look good.”)

While the album over the phone was, we’ll say, extremely lo-fi, you can hear the two tracks “Invisible Ways” and “Slipping Away” in much higher quality below. Tanlines’ second studio album, Highlights, drops May 19.

(Via Tanlines)