Tay-K’s ‘The Race’ Video And Lyrics Have Reportedly Been Entered As Evidence In His Sentencing

Uproxx Studios

“The Race,” the track that made rapper Tay-K a star, has reportedly been entered into evidence for his murder sentencing. The rapper, born Taymor McIntyre, was found guilty last week for the murder of Ethan Walker. McIntyre is facing between five and 99 years in prison, although the exact sentencing has not been announced yet.

According to a reporter from The Fader present during the Dallas trial, the lyrics and video for “The Race” were presented as evidence in court. On Monday afternoon, the prosecution played the video for “The Race” when the final witness was on the stand. Prosecutors played the entire video for the jury, and distributed print-outs of the song’s lyrics to draw attention to the violence suggested in them.

In 2016, Tay-K and a group of friends broke into Walker’s house. Walker was shot and killed by Latharian Merritt, who was sentenced to life in prison in 2018. Following the break-in, Tay-K was placed on house arrest, and escaped. The video for “The Race” was filmed after his escape. The video features McIntyre holding a gun and standing next to a “wanted” poster. It’s unclear if the poster is real or was placed there just for the video, but the DIY/homemade style of the video makes it appear authentic.

According to The Fader, Tay-K’s sentencing may be announced as soon as Monday.