Taylor Swift Was Booed At Her Best Friend’s Wedding, But It Wasn’t Over Music

In this age of constant exposure, fans basically expect their favorite stars to be available to them at all times. The thing is, though, that figures like Taylor Swift are people too, so sometimes they want to take some time away from the spotlight to do things like attend their best friend’s wedding. That’s what Swift did this weekend, when she was a bridesmaid at the nuptials of longtime pal Abigail Anderson, but even at a personal, non-public event like that, she wasn’t out of the woods.

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Fans found out where the Martha’s Vineyard ceremony was and waited outside the venue to catch a quick peek at Swift. Taylor clearly wanted to maintain some sort of privacy in her life, which is fair, so she left the building and immediately got into a waiting Escalade, flanked by security personnel holding up black sheets of fabric to hide her from the gathered fans. Instead of empathizing with the pop star and understanding that she wanted a weekend away from it all, though, the fans decided to boo, which is decided not a very good look.

Hayley Williams stuck up for Swift on Twitter, writing that the “fans” who booed have “issues”:

In the video TMZ shot of the event, fans can be heard saying things like, “Very disappointing, not cool,” and, “We thought you loved your fans!” Well, “very disappointing” is right, but not about Swift: Love is a two-way street and global megastars ought to have the power to feel normal sometimes, so let’s just give Swift a minute to herself every now and then.

Apparently, Taylor wasn’t deterred by any of this, and still gave a “raunchy” speech about Abigail and her new husband during the reception. Check out a brief clip of that below.

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