Taylor Swift Surprised A Young Cancer Patient With A Private Concert And A Round Of Air Hockey

Jordan Lee Nickerson has been through more in his six years than most people face in a lifetime. Nine months after he was born, Jordan was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome, which causes both physical and developmental disabilities. At just 18 months old, he underwent open heart surgery to repair an aorta damaged by a severe heart condition. Last month, he was diagnosed with Leukemia, and is currently in Boston Children’s Hospital where he faces yet another long, hard battle.

The little guy received a brief respite over the weekend in the form of seven-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift, who dropped by his room for an especially engaging and emotional visit. Watch the video above — this wasn’t a celebrity dropping by to pose for a quick self-serving Instagram photo. Taylor went all out, talking to Jordan about his interests (Spider-Man!), performing a song, and even taking him on in air hockey.

According to Jordan’s Brave Page, where you can follow Jordan’s battle and send words of encouragement to the young man and his family, Jordan received a round of chemotherapy shortly after Swift’s visit. We’re sure he handled it — as he seemingly does everything else — like a champ.

Above, watch Swift surprise Jordan and perform “We Are Never Getting Back Together” while the little guy dances and sings along. Below, a highlight from their air hockey match (Facebook required):

Jordan’s Brave Page