Taylor Swift’s Evil Twin Has Been Discovered In A Japanese McDonald’s Ad

taylor twin

Doesn’t Taylor Swift act a little too innocent? I don’t care how many Starbucks lovers she’s had. It’s clear that Swift’s hiding something, and I think the internet discovered what that “something” is… she has an evil twin who’s selling mediocre hamburgers. An old Japanese McDonald’s commercial that was uploaded to YouTube in 2006 has gone viral because the actress in the striking red wig and yellow dress clutching a Big Mac strongly resembles T-Swift. Have a look:

This can only mean one thing. When Swift and Evil Swift were born, one daughter was sent to Japan and feasted on fish heads every night for dinner, while the other became the world’s biggest pop star. You can tell them apart by their innie belly buttons, for everyone knows only evil twins have belly… my God, what have we done?

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