Did A Teen Girl Break Her Dog’s Neck Because One Direction Wouldn’t Follow Her On Twitter?

Hey, here’s something awful to put into your overflowing “Teens Are the Worst” folder: upset over the fact that One Direction wouldn’t follow her on Twitter, a teen girl who goes by @illumivato allegedly killed her pet dog.

The obsessed admirer allegedly broke her beloved Chihuahua’s neck after a desperate message to four of the band’s five singers went ignored. She initially tweeted the boys from her @illumivato account on Aug. 29, according to widespread reports in South American and Spanish media.

“Follow me or I’ll break my dog’s neck,” she wrote in a post.

Unsurprisingly, her message was not picked up by the warblers, who receive millions of tweets every day. Fed up with the lack of a response, she again took to the microblogging site several days later. Writing specifically to Liam Payne, she reportedly wrote: “I love you. Follow me. My dog has just died.” (Via)

This could be a hoax, but would you put it past a One Direction fan to become a future serial killer?

(Via NY Daily News)

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